Trapped by Fear

Trapped by Fear

19601h 41minDrama MoviesFrançais


Two French paras who had lived through deadly situations in Algeria, meet again in civil life. Frapier is a newspaper reporter, and one day finds his friend Porte - surrounded by the police after a car theft, and an accidental killing of a police officer. He helps him escape, and provides shelter with the complicity of his girlfriend Vera. Later, Frapier will have doubts about Vera's love, and lives a passionate night with beautiful Arabelle. However, he finds himself playing a game of life and death both with Vera, and Porte. It will end in sadness for one, and death for another.

WriterJacques Dupont
DirectorJacques Dupont
ActorJean-Paul Belmondo, Alexandra Stewart, Claude Brasseur
ProductionFrance Cinéma Productions

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